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Intel® Microarchitecture

The term microarchitecture describes the operation of the circuitry of a computer or central processing unit (CPU). Find out how the features of Intel® Core™ microarchitecture benefit your computing experience.

Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution

Enables the processor to do multiple things simultaneously, allowing you to do more in less time.

Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost

Accelerates a range of applications including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering, and scientific applications.

Intel® Advanced Smart Cache

Intel Advanced Smart Cache reduces latency and improves performance.

Intel® Intelligent Power Capability

Each processor self-manages power consumption so computing power is there when you need it.

Intel® Smart Memory Access

By using the science of speculative execution, Intel Smart Memory Access anticipates computations that may need to be done, but aren’t needed right now. This vastly improves system performance by optimising the use of the available data bandwidth.

Computer Technology

Sony introduced the VAIO UX Micro PC, placing full-size computer performance in a pocket-sized package Weighing just over a pound, the new PC has a Microsoft XP Professional operating system and an Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage CPU for fast processing and long battery life. The UX model also features a 4.5-inch wide SVGA screen with XBRITE technology for viewing that slides up to expose an integrated keyboard. This allows you to access familiar applications easily in the same way you would on a full-sized computer
Adidas, the athletic shoe and apparel giant, has married computer technology with its latest running shoe, Adidas 1. The shoes use a 20-megahertz microprocessor implanted in the sole which collects readings and from the shoe's movements and adjusts the fit of the shoe accordingly.

Designing your artwork is carried out on a friendly one to one basis using the latest computer technology. Simply provide us with the text on disk or by email, along with any pictures or photos you want to include.

The Compal is your latest computer pal. This portable computer system was seen in the Computex. Running on a Windows CE 5.0 platform , the computer buddy can do amazing things. Let’s take a look at it’s features.
Don’t underestimate the power of this little guy. The Compal is powered by a 532MHz Freescale i.MX31 processor. The Compal also features a touchscreen Along with a fast processor, the Compal offers the following to it’s users:
* 256MB of SDRAM
* 512MB of Flash memory
* Wireless system
* Bluetooth
It even comes with a 1.3 Megapixel camer.I think this is a great deal for a pocket PC - almost too good to be true.

The iROX PRO-X weather station is a professional weather station that combines the latest environmental measuring technology with computer technology enabling you to store, record and review weather data.

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Is The iPhone 4 Worth The Upgrade From The 3GS?84

Many people are excited about the new iPhone 4 while others are wondering if it's worth upgrading their iPhone 3GS. Look at the chart to the right and read on to make up your mind
The Specs
While most of the new specs are impressive are they enough to make you switch? While many 3G owners didn't upgrade to the 3GS due to the lack of new features and relatively small jump in speed, the new iPhone 4 offers the biggest leap yet. The new display, 5mp camera(with flash) and front facing camera along with the jump in speed are definitely enticing. But we see no increase in capacity still sitting at 16gb or 32gb. Then again they did squeeze a bigger battery in there and the increased battery life is rather impressive with the addition of multi-tasking in the new iOS 4
The iPhone 3G and 3GS saw no change in design and now the iPhone 4 looks to shake things up a bit. With its sleek look, custom glass and new stainless steel edges it looks like the coolest phone ever, plus it's 24% thinner than the 3GS. Also with the new design is a flat bottom and no more cheap smudgy plastic or aluminum outer shell. The glass on the new iPhone is said to be comparable to sapphire crystal and it's the same material that's used for helicopter wind shields, now that's just cool.
A lot of the new features(muti-tasking etc) sound nice but they will also be available on the 3GS when the new iOS4 comes out. So a lot of what the new iPhone can do the 3GS will be able to as well. Now if you have a 3G you will see a few of the cooler features left out like muti-tasking and springboard wallpapers and if you have the original iPhone you aren't able to update to the new OS.
Now a days price is one of the key motivators when buying anything and the 3GS is going down to just $99 while the new iPhone will be $199 for the 16gb and $299 for the 32gb. Will the extra $100+ be worth it? Only you can decide that but with many new smart-phones entering the market yours can become obsolete a lot faster these days.
Overall the new iPhone is the biggest leap yet in technology, speed and design. I know almost everyone with a 3G has been waiting for this but will the 3GS owners upgrade or hold out for next year or see what Android is coming up with? The options grow more and more everyday and only you can decide what phone your going to want to use for the next 18-24 months
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Top ten technology that will rock 2010

Now that the aughts are behind us, we can start the new decade with a bang. So many new technologies are ready to make a big impact this year. Some of them will be brand new, but many have been gestating and are now ready to hatch. If there is any theme here it is the mobile Web. As I think through the top ten technologies that will rock 2010, more than half of them are mobile. But those technologies are tied to advances in the overall Web as well.
Below is my list of the ten technologies that will leave the biggest marks on 2010:
  1. The Tablet: It’s the most anticipated product of the year.  The mythical tablet computer (which everyone seems to be working on).  There are beautiful Android tablets, concept tablets, and, of course, the one tablet which could define the category, the Apple Tablet.  Or iSlate or whatever it’s called.  If Steve Jobs is not working on a tablet, he’d better come up with one because  anything else will be a huge disappointment.Why do we need yet another computer in between a laptop and an iPhone?  We won’t really know until we have it.  But the answer lies in the fact that increasingly the Web is all you need.  As all of our apps and data and social lives move to the Web, the Tablet is the incarnation of the Web in device form, stripped down to its essentials.  It will also be a superior e-reader for digital books, newspapers, and magazines, and a portable Web TV.
  2. Geo: The combination of GPS chips in mobile phones, social networks, and increasingly innovative mobile apps means that geolocation is increasingly becoming a necessary feature for any killer app.  I’m not just talking about social broadcasting apps like Foursquare and Gowalla.  The advent of Geo APIs from Twitter , SimpleGeo, and hopefully Facebook will change the game by adding rich layers of geo-related data to all sorts of apps.  Twitter just recently launched its own Geo API for Twitter apps and acquired Mixer Labs, which created the GeoAPI.
  3. Realtime Search: After licensing realtime data streams from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others, Google and Bing are quickly ramping up their realtime search.  But realtime search is still treated as a silo, and is not regularly surfaced in the main search results page.  In 2010, I expect that to change as the search engines learn for what types of searches it makes sense to show Tweets and other realtime updates.  In the meantime, a gaggle of realtime search startups such as Collecta, OneRiot, and Topsy will continue to push the ball forward on the realtime search experience.  Realtime search will also become a form of navigation, especially on Twitter and Facebook.  The key will be to combine realtime search with realtime filters so that people are delivered not only the most recent information but the most relevant and authoritative as well.
  4. Chrome OS: In November, Google gave the world a sneak peek at its Chrome operating system, which is expected to be released later this year.  The Chrome OS is Google’s most direct attack on Windows with an OS built from the ground up to run Web apps fast and furious.  Already a Google is rumored to be working on a Chrome Netbook which will show the world what is possible with it a “Web OS.” It sounds like it would be perfect for Tablet computers also (see above).  Chrome is a risky bet for Google, but it is also potentially disruptive.
  5. HTML5: The Web is built on HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and the next version which has been taking form for a while is HTML5.  Already browsers such as Firefox and Google’s Chrome (the browser, not the OS) are HTML5-friendly.  Once HTML5 becomes more widespread across the Web, it will reduce the need for Flash or Silverlight plug-ins to view videos, animations, or other rich applications.  They will all just be Web-native.  HTML5 also supports offline data storage, drag-and-drop, and other features which can make Web apps act more like desktop apps.  A lot of Websites will be putting HTML5 under the hood in 2010.
  6. Mobile Video: With video cameras integrated into the latest iPhone 3GS and other Web phones, live video streaming apps are becoming more commonplace—both streaming from phones and to them.  As mobile data networks beef up their 3G bandwidth and even start to tiptoe into true broadband with 4G (which Verizon is heading towards with its next-gen LTE network), mobile video usage will take off.
  7. Augmented Reality: One of the coolest ways to use the camera lens on a mobile phone is with the increasing array of augmented reality apps.  They add a layer of data to reality by placing everything from photos to Tweets to business listings directly on top of the live live image captured by the camera.  Tonchidot’s Sekai Camera, Layar, GraffitiGeo and even Yelp are examples of augmented reality apps.
  8. Mobile Transactions: As mobile phones become full-fledged computers, they can be used for mobile commerce also.  One area poised to take off in 2010 are mobile payments and transactions.  Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s latest startup Square turns the iPhone into a credit card reader.  Verifone has its competing product, as does Mophie.  The idea is that any mobile phone can become a point of sale, and those mobile transactions can tie into back-end accounting, CRM, and other enterprise systems.
  9. Android: Last year saw the launch of nearly two dozen Android-powered phones, including the Verizon Droid.  In a few days, Google’s Nexus One will launch as the first Android phone which can be unlocked from any given carrier (it is launching with T-Mobile). Android is Google’s answer to the iPhone, and as it reaches critical mass across multiple carriers and handsets it is becoming increasingly attractive to developers.  There are already more than 10,000 apps on Android, next year there will be even more.  And other devices running on the mobile OS are launching as well.
  10. Social CRM: We’ve seen the rise of Twitter and Facebook as social communication tools.  This year, those modes of realtime communication will find their way deeper into the enterprise. is set to launch Chatter, it’s realtime stream of enterprise data which interfaces with Twitter and Facebook and turn them into business tools. Startups like Yammer and Bantam Live are also making business more social.

Call of Duty: Why the Legacy of COD 4 has been continued in the New Series?

If you are one of those hardcore gamers, who cannot live without playing a game for a single moment, then there is no doubt that Call of Duty will be on top of your list of favorite games. You have to know this series, as it is so ridiculously by so many gamers across the globe. If you do love the series, then you are bound to love the new offering from the makers, Activision and Aspyr Media, which will be hitting the market during the last months of 2009. The fact that its release is going to coincide with the Christmas festival, people preferring Xbox 360 live will simply celebrate its arrival.
Call of Duty started with a clutter of fans in the beginning, but with every release of the game, the count of people going for it went higher and higher. When it comes to the top of the tree of all the games released thus far, nothing can get better than the COD 4 (Modern Warfare). There is no doubt that it is the most popular one in the series. Naturally, the makers had to come up with another one for continuing the legacy and made COD 5. They were positive that the game would bank more than its predecessor. However, apart from the upgraded Zombies mode, which was tough for gamers to ignore, there was nothing too extravagant about the model, which could top the all-time leader COD 4.
This is where Activision paid some attention to their product. Rather than opting for releasing another series, they continued to stick with things, which worked the best for them in the past. COD: Modern Warfare 2 may turn out to be better than the ones in the past. It is believed that the game play is incredible and the graphics are superior in COD 4. The word is that the Zombie Mode of this Series is going to be more improved than the one in COD 5. All the excitement is going to hook every old fan and also bring in some new one.
Since the game is being played online, the company can easily observe the count of players, who are participating. Experts found it to be a surprise for so many players staying loyal for COD 4 rather than upgrading it to the fifth series. Officials at Activision were aware of the fact that if they needed their followers to buy new products, they had to turn their attention back to the COD 4’s magic.
Now, they are trying their luck for one more time. As per the officials at Activision, they made COD 4 before and can easily come up with something that can match or even better its features. People have already built up a strong expectation for what they are going to offer. If things work out in the way expert gamers in the field have thought of, expect something, which will stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

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