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Is The iPhone 4 Worth The Upgrade From The 3GS?84

Many people are excited about the new iPhone 4 while others are wondering if it's worth upgrading their iPhone 3GS. Look at the chart to the right and read on to make up your mind
The Specs
While most of the new specs are impressive are they enough to make you switch? While many 3G owners didn't upgrade to the 3GS due to the lack of new features and relatively small jump in speed, the new iPhone 4 offers the biggest leap yet. The new display, 5mp camera(with flash) and front facing camera along with the jump in speed are definitely enticing. But we see no increase in capacity still sitting at 16gb or 32gb. Then again they did squeeze a bigger battery in there and the increased battery life is rather impressive with the addition of multi-tasking in the new iOS 4
The iPhone 3G and 3GS saw no change in design and now the iPhone 4 looks to shake things up a bit. With its sleek look, custom glass and new stainless steel edges it looks like the coolest phone ever, plus it's 24% thinner than the 3GS. Also with the new design is a flat bottom and no more cheap smudgy plastic or aluminum outer shell. The glass on the new iPhone is said to be comparable to sapphire crystal and it's the same material that's used for helicopter wind shields, now that's just cool.
A lot of the new features(muti-tasking etc) sound nice but they will also be available on the 3GS when the new iOS4 comes out. So a lot of what the new iPhone can do the 3GS will be able to as well. Now if you have a 3G you will see a few of the cooler features left out like muti-tasking and springboard wallpapers and if you have the original iPhone you aren't able to update to the new OS.
Now a days price is one of the key motivators when buying anything and the 3GS is going down to just $99 while the new iPhone will be $199 for the 16gb and $299 for the 32gb. Will the extra $100+ be worth it? Only you can decide that but with many new smart-phones entering the market yours can become obsolete a lot faster these days.
Overall the new iPhone is the biggest leap yet in technology, speed and design. I know almost everyone with a 3G has been waiting for this but will the 3GS owners upgrade or hold out for next year or see what Android is coming up with? The options grow more and more everyday and only you can decide what phone your going to want to use for the next 18-24 months
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