Friday, October 29, 2010

Call of Duty: Why the Legacy of COD 4 has been continued in the New Series?

If you are one of those hardcore gamers, who cannot live without playing a game for a single moment, then there is no doubt that Call of Duty will be on top of your list of favorite games. You have to know this series, as it is so ridiculously by so many gamers across the globe. If you do love the series, then you are bound to love the new offering from the makers, Activision and Aspyr Media, which will be hitting the market during the last months of 2009. The fact that its release is going to coincide with the Christmas festival, people preferring Xbox 360 live will simply celebrate its arrival.
Call of Duty started with a clutter of fans in the beginning, but with every release of the game, the count of people going for it went higher and higher. When it comes to the top of the tree of all the games released thus far, nothing can get better than the COD 4 (Modern Warfare). There is no doubt that it is the most popular one in the series. Naturally, the makers had to come up with another one for continuing the legacy and made COD 5. They were positive that the game would bank more than its predecessor. However, apart from the upgraded Zombies mode, which was tough for gamers to ignore, there was nothing too extravagant about the model, which could top the all-time leader COD 4.
This is where Activision paid some attention to their product. Rather than opting for releasing another series, they continued to stick with things, which worked the best for them in the past. COD: Modern Warfare 2 may turn out to be better than the ones in the past. It is believed that the game play is incredible and the graphics are superior in COD 4. The word is that the Zombie Mode of this Series is going to be more improved than the one in COD 5. All the excitement is going to hook every old fan and also bring in some new one.
Since the game is being played online, the company can easily observe the count of players, who are participating. Experts found it to be a surprise for so many players staying loyal for COD 4 rather than upgrading it to the fifth series. Officials at Activision were aware of the fact that if they needed their followers to buy new products, they had to turn their attention back to the COD 4’s magic.
Now, they are trying their luck for one more time. As per the officials at Activision, they made COD 4 before and can easily come up with something that can match or even better its features. People have already built up a strong expectation for what they are going to offer. If things work out in the way expert gamers in the field have thought of, expect something, which will stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

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