Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Gmail

Integrating social networking web sites Facebook and Twitter with your Gmail account may interests you as this will bring a great deal of ease to your daily use of Facebook and Twitter. By aggregating the both social networking providers you’ll be able to check your Facebook status and your Twitter tweets easily through your Gmail account. In order to integrate the both Facebook and Twitter with Gmail you must install new gadget on your Gmail as there’s no such default gadgets are available on Gmail for the use of the social networking services.

Here is simple way how you can integrate Facebook and Twitter to your Gmail account:

* Login to your Gmail account.
* Click Setting.
* Click Labs tabs under settings.
* Enable “add any gadget by URL” then “save changes” button to save the changes.

* Click setting again. Now you’ll see new tabs named “Gadgets” on setting sections. Click this gadget tab.

* Copy and paste this link to gadget form and then click add button to install Facebook Gadget:


* Copy and paste this link to install Twitter on Gmail:


* Once you are done with the installations you’ll see new gadget in your email account are Twitter and Facebook.

How to see your twitter and Facebook status on Gmail:

To view your Facebook status: Click expand on Facebook widget.

To your twitter:

* Click “click here link”

* Click “allow button” to allow Gmail accessing your twitter account.


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