Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UnityRemote Turns iPhone into a remote

Unity Remote is the recently developed gadgets by Gear 4 that turns any iOS devices, which does not exclude the iPhones, from turning into a powerful Remote Controller that can control other electronic devices with access to IR receivers via Bluetooth technology.

For this gadget to become live, you will need two things to begin the full functionality of the device: you need to download an app and a small hardware to allow signal transduction to any other responding electronic device. The functionality of this device will be known better on release at CES 2011, or when you decide to buy one, if you are located in one of the European Union countries.

Instead decorating your living room with the number of remotes for each of the gadget, you could rather switch to Unity Remote, by placing this small piece of hardware at a convenient location to find that you will be controlling nearly five electronic devices at one go or as chosen. The hardware for signal transduction does the job of sending and receiving signals from 360° and operates using 3 AA batteries. The device is also light in weight for abroad shipments and travel. You are also turning into eco-friendly by reducing the number of batteries that is being used for remote controls.

Talking of the app is free to download for any version of the iOS interface and Bluetooth technology. The device works on an open source that you will able to add your device model if not found in the list, following a simple step-by-step instruction.

Costing around 100 British pounds or 100 USD, this device is worth the money spent, if you have the compatible iOS device like iPhone 4, iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G and iPodtouch (4th, 3rd and 2nd gen).

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