Friday, December 31, 2010

First web tv launch on new year

Kochi-based Vibes Visual & Media Pvt. is launching the new media platform in the country on New Year day at “Gold Souk Grande Kochi”. Wow!….What a great news! I’m proud to be an Indian and a tech guy.
first Web TV “Indiavibes” will go live on 1st January, 2011. Indiavibes plans to create contents and programming indigenously, and users will be able to choose and watch contents of their choice on this interactive media platform. “We cover all categories fashion, music, films, business, technology, blogging, lifestyle, current affairs and almost everything that this century and the years ahead would ever need”. Founder of Visual & Media Private Ltd. Andrine Mendez said, “We are focused on people and not on celebrities”.
English will be the primary language of communication. Internet having a viral effect for such concepts, the idea will spread like a wildfire in the market attracting people of all age groups.”Our vision is to showcase the richness of India’s entertainment culture to the world. We wish to make Indiavibes as its name suggests the one stop shop for all the entertainment for global audiences” he said. The company has also plan to set up production hubs at UAE, US & UK after starting with Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.
Access Indiavibes by logging on to from 1st January, 2011, but keep in mind that user will need an internet connection with at least 1 Mbps speed.

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